Moscow, 4 August 2022 (TDI): Arctic Council has announced that Chukotka in Russia will host the Bering Strait Festival from 2-7 August 2022. The event will include corporate discussions on Arctic tourism, the Beringian Arctic Games, and also a guided tour.

The seven-day celebrations are the culmination of multi-year efforts to honor the common heritage of the countries. Therefore, this will bring about both the nations’ high north residents through both edges of both the strait.

Furthermore, this includes some whose relatives are living across the border as well. Additionally, traditional sporting events and an indigenous peoples’ forum will be enjoyed.
Also, a 43-mile boat ride from Uelen in Russia’s Chukotsky District to Wales on Alaska’s Seward Peninsula will be part of the event.

The head of the United States coordinator for the festival in Alaska and a former Iditarod competitor, Mille Porsild appreciated the festival. He shared that the border should be open annually for the seven days event.

An Overview of the Bering Land Bridge

The Bering Landbridge is a hypothetical route for migration patterns to the American continent from Asia. It was established approximately 20,000 years ago. The North American Arctic had been covered in ice, and there was no open passageway through it that could accommodate biological migrations.

During the event, a skin boat will be the first vessel to cross. Additionally, the scavengers in Lorino (Chukotka) with the help of hunters from Savoonga and St. Lawrence Island, will build the skin boat.

Therefore, this makes an obvious statement about what the Bering Strait means and what it means to cross this body of water. This is because the first immigrants to North America traveled along this pathway before water access.

Moreover, skin boats have been a very important part of life in Chukotka, and it is also a needful part of their sports activities. However, the nations face skin boat races. This historic event will start by having the skin boats go across first followed by other events. This event is therefore very important to countries.




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