Benin, 1 August 2022 (TDI): Independence Day is celebrated throughout Benin on 1st August 2022. The Country celebrates this day with great pride as it is of great significance to the nation’s history.

The people of the African country make sure that they proudly display nationalism with national colors as well as festivities.

Historical Context

The Republic of Benin has had a very significant history. In the past, this West African country interacted with Major empires like Portugal, Britain, and France. There existed the Kingdom of Dahomey in the region of modern-day Benin.

However, with the Dahomey Kingdom weakening towards the end of the nineteenth century, France took over the nation in 1904. It became a French Colony and the Dahomeans started living under the French rule.

From Republic of Dahomey to Benin

Shortly after the Second World War, they got the chance to be a part of the French Union and accessed autonomy later. In the year 1958, the Independence wave was flowing all over the African Continent.

Under such circumstances, they also became a self governing nation called the Republic of Dahomey. After this, came many years of social struggle and political activism.

The grips of French colonialism gradually loosened. Finally in 1960, the Republic of Dahomey gained its long anticipated Independence from the French Imperial power. Fifteen years later the state changed its name to the Republic of Benin.

Significance of 1st August

Due to the prolonged years of struggle for independence from the colonial power and their exploitation the Independence Day holds great significance for the Beninese people.

For them this independence is the result of their ancestors’ hardships. Therefore they celebrate 1st August every year with great pride, joy and full spirit.

People often give presents to their neighbors and invite them for feasts just like in the West African tradition. The Benin Flag is flown with immense pleasure and various artists and singers often perform at various events.