Brussels, 14 October 2023 (TDI): Caroline Gennez, the Minister for Development and Cooperation, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU).

The MoU is aimed to bolster the healthcare system for low and middle-income families on Wednesday in Brussels, Belgium.

It emphasizes the principles of local engagement, mutual accountability, gender equality, and addressing climate change. It also underscores the importance of aligning their efforts with those of Team Europe.

One significant aspect of this agreement is the joint commitment to combat malaria and protect the world’s most vulnerable populations from malaria and other tropical diseases.

This new MOU follows the previous five-year agreement that was in effect from February 2018 to February 2023.

Both the Belgian government and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will continue their collaborative efforts from the previous MOU like their fight against Human African trypanosomiasis in the Republic of Congo.

Their shared goal is to completely stop the transmission of this disease by 2030. They also recognized the positive impact of their collaboration with local partners, which has led to a decline in disease transmission.

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Caroline Gennez, Belgium’s Minister for Development emphasized that quality and affordable healthcare is a fundamental right for all individuals. 

She highlighted that this program not only emphasizes the importance of medicines & vaccines but also recognizes the significance of the healthcare system, including emergency care, patient care, maternity care, laboratories & skilled medical & nursing staff. 

She expressed hope that Belgium and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation would strengthen their collaboration with the Belgium Agency to reinforce these healthcare systems and enhance their collective efforts against infectious diseases.

Bill Gates, on behalf of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, affirmed their joint commitment to eradicating malaria and other infectious diseases that affect vulnerable populations.

He stressed their dedication to ensuring more people have access to a robust healthcare system, which is essential for maintaining good health.