Minsk, 29 December 2022 (TDI): The Foreign Minister of Belarus, Sergei Aleinik met with the Ambassador of Hungary to the country to discuss issues related to bilateral relations.

The two parties used the opportunity to discuss current issues on the regional and international agenda. This issue was one of the main factors of the meeting.

The regional and international agendas to be adopted by these two countries were considered, looking at the issue of economic, cultural, peaceful leaving, and trade relations.

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The economic relations between Belarus and Hungary are a great issue of concern. Both seek to boost their economy and developments in all aspects of the nation’s sectors.

Along these lines, the meeting reviewed trade collaboration between Hungary and Belarus.Β The Foreign Minister of Belarus, Sergei Aleinik ensured his counterpart on the steps his country is taking to promote stronger relations among them.

He added that the regional agenda to promote peace among each other is still an issue being worked on. Both parties again emphasized the need for good governance.

He further stated that their ability to promote unity and development will all determine if the governance system of their countries is well structured and that the elevation of poverty should be a major concern for them for their citizens.

They also confirmed the readiness to continue the dialogue between for Belarus-Hungary relations and further develop cooperation for mutual benefits.

In response, the Ambassador of Hungary to Belarus in response thanked his counterpart for their moment and the discussion they had and hope to yield the benefits in due course.