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Beijing holds annual Central Economic Work Conference


Beijing, 12 December 2023 (TDI): Chinese leaders met for Monday’s annual Central Economic Work Conference in Beijing. It was a significant event as they discussed and outlined the main priorities for the country’s economic future in 2024.

Chinese President Xi and General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee outlined the country’s economic progress and goals for the coming year in his keynote speech.

China’s economy demonstrated exceptional bounce back throughout the discussions, demonstrating substantial progress in high-caliber development in 2023.

Despite the country’s impressive growth, the conference recognized the persistent issues and roadblocks that require deliberate action to advance economic recovery.

Moreover, despite these difficulties, the conference confirmed the general belief that China’s developmental landscape is characterized by favorable conditions that significantly exceed adversity. It underlined the persistently good trend of economic recovery, which is the foundation of a resolutely hopeful long-term view.

The discussion focused on the need for more self-reliance and coordinated efforts to overcome the remaining challenges, utilizing China’s tenacity and devotion to advancement.

The Central Economic Work Conference’s discussions provide a roadmap for directing China’s economic agenda for 2024, building a solid basis for consistent growth and adaptability to changing international conditions.

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The meeting also called for measures to build the new before removing the old, reinforce stability through progress, and seek advancement while assuring stability about the economic activity that will occur the following year.

The conference called for introducing more policies to stabilize expectations, growth, and employment in addition to aggressive efforts to support the transition of growth models, structural adjustment, and quality and efficiency improvement to consolidate the basis of stable economic development with a promising future.

The meeting concluded that the nation should continue to execute a proactive fiscal and cautious monetary policy, with increased innovation and coordination of policy tools, and strengthen counter-cyclical and cross-cyclical adjustments of macro policies.


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