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Azerbaijan-Germany Foreign Ministers meet in Berlin


Berlin, 11 June 2024 (TDI): As part of his official visit to Germany, Azerbaijan Foreign Minister Jeyhun Bayramov held a meeting with Annalena Berbok, the Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany. This meeting was a key event during his business trip to the country.

During the meeting, both parties highlighted the significant opportunities for enhanced cooperation with Germany, especially in the context of Azerbaijan hosting the 29th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP29) later this year.

Furthermore, they discussed how this event could serve as a platform for strengthening their collaborative efforts on climate-related issues and beyond.

In this context, the significance of the joint successful organization of the Petersburg Dialogue, along with the ongoing Bonn Conference, was underscored.

Additionally, both parties acknowledged the importance of these events in fostering dialogue and cooperation.

Bilateral Meeting: Bayramov and Berbok
Azerbaijan-Germany Foreign Ministers held talks in Berlin

In this context, both sides emphasized the crucial importance of their collaborative efforts in successfully organizing the Petersburg Dialogue.

Additionally, they recognized the significance of the ongoing Bonn Conference.

These events were highlighted as key platforms for fostering mutual understanding and cooperation, reinforcing the strong ties between Azerbaijan and Germany.

In this context, it was pointed out that the continuation of the assertion of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity in the Constitution of Armenia poses a significant obstacle to reaching a consensus and signing a peace agreement.

Additionally, various other regional issues of mutual interest were deliberated during the meeting.

Azerbaijan-Germany Bilateral Relations

Azerbaijan and Germany share a multifaceted relationship characterized by cooperation in various fields.

Diplomatic ties between the two countries have steadily strengthened since Azerbaijan gained independence in 1991.

Economic collaboration, particularly in energy, has been a cornerstone of their partnership, with Germany being one of Azerbaijan’s key trade partners in Europe.

Moreover, cultural exchanges and educational programs further enhance bilateral relations.

Both countries engage in dialogue on regional and international issues, seeking common ground on matters of mutual concern.

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While challenges exist, the overall trajectory of Azerbaijan-Germany relations demonstrates a commitment to deepening ties and fostering constructive engagement for the benefit of both nations.

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