Karachi, 22 September 2023 (TDI): In partnership with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Jalaluddin Cricket Academy (JCA) & Karachi City Cricket Association (KCCA), the Australian High Commission sponsored a girls’ cricket clinic & tournament in Karachi.

By allowing girls to play in one of Pakistan’s favorite sports, cricket, Australia aims to promote gender equality and empower girls.

In this context, the Australian High Commissioner, Neil Hawkins said, “The Australian High Commission has been sponsoring girls’ cricket in Pakistan since 2016”.

He went on to further state that “We began with a single annual tournament in Islamabad but then expanded to Lahore and in Karachi.”

Pakistan and Australia share a love of cricket, and one of Australia’s main interests in Pakistan is to promote gender equality. Cricket and other sports can help to break through prejudices and obstacles.

Every time the girls cross a line or make a catch, they are progressing toward more equality. It is pertinent to note that, in preparation for the competition, the girls also attended a four-day coaching workshop.

Neil Hawkins, while talking about the participation of first-class cricket coaches shared,  “We are very pleased to have the participation of first-class cricket coaches as well as the players of the visiting Australian Over 40s Cricket team.”

The visiting Australian Over 40s Cricket team helped to build confidence, foster team spirit, and encourage the girls.

The High Commissioner of Australia thanked the schools; Nasra Public School, Alpha Girls School, Ismail Academy, and The Future Academy, for joining the event and paid tribute to the contribution made by JCA, PCB, and KCCA.

Former national player and current JCA Chairman, Jalal Uddin commended the Australian High Commission on the effort.

In this vein, he stated that “As pioneers in cricket coaching, we always support grassroots cricket development.

We hope this initiative with the Australian High Commission for the Girls Cricket Cup will go a long way in developing women’s cricket in Pakistan.”

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