Canberra, 16 July 2022 (TDI):Β  Yesterday, Australia hosted the inaugural Space Policy Dialogue with the Republic of Korea. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia hosted the delegation from the Republic of Korea.

That event was the inaugural Space Policy Dialogue between South Korea and Australia that took place in Canberra. Ciara Spencer, First Assistant Secretary of DFAT’s Security Division met the members of the delegation.

Young-Hyo Park the Director General Non-proliferation and Nuclear Affairs from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Korea was the leader of the delegation.

Both delegations discussed the policies and the approaches for multilateral cooperation in the space sector. The officials also discussed the importance and the possibilities for cooperation in the commercial space sector and space security.

The inaugural Dialogue achieved an important outcome for both countries regarding the 2+2 meeting of Foreign and Defense Ministers. They agreed to have a 2+2 meeting of Foreign Ministers and Defense Ministers of the Republic of Korea and Australia in September 2022.

Both countries have their own aspirational space programs. The two also have growing commercial space industries. Moreover, they are working together with like-minded countries.

Their cooperation aims to decrease space threats by using norms, principles, and rules of responsible behaviors.

Space Cooperation

The Republic of Korea and Australia have been close partners in the space sector. They have been working together on earth imagery capturing and observation from space.

In addition, the Republic of Korea and Australia also signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Space Cooperation for Peaceful Purposes in 2021. The aim of the Memorandum is to promote joint research, studies, and other different activities between the two countries.

The officials from both countries also hope to increase bilateral space collaboration. The representatives also support the international community to establish a secure and sustainable space industry.

They are also focusing to enhance the links between the communities of space science in Australia and the Republic of Korea. Both are looking forward to increasing collaboration in cyber and critical technology.

Therefore, both countries are trying to establish Australia-ROK Tech-Bridge that will focus on cooperation in the space sector.