Luque, 22 July 2022 (TDI): President of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez highlighted that Argentina’s imperative is to produce food products for the countries not having them. The President said so when he attended the LX Summit of Heads of the State of Mercosur.

The Summit was held in Paraguay. President Alberto Fernandez joined the LX Summit of Head of State of Mercosur and Associated State in Luque on Thursday.

He reaffirmed the position of Argentina that favors enriching the process into a friendly and determined integration.

Furthermore, he ensured that this integration gives the power to fight the challenges due to COVID19 and Russian-Ukraine war. Thereby, he said, “We have the moral imperative to agree to produce the food that the rest of the world needs”.

Moreover, he added that Argentina will be figuring out how to work together in a war-hit world. He recommended to everyone in the forum that during this challenging situation every country should come together to offer help.

Therefore, he suggested looking for individual sustainability as the challenges are temporary. The Argentine President stressed that as the countries in the region produce food goods in bulk hence, they can serve each other by becoming great suppliers.

Additionally, he also pointed out that the North American Region is facing some unrest. However, Latin America is a zone of peace. It is a continent that has no war. Hence, it can serve to be an advantage for all Latin American Countries.

LX Summit: An Overview

The event took place on 20th and 21st July 2022. LX Summit is a product development platform that serves to extend investment opportunities.

Here the Heads of the States gather to devise futuristic plans for regional connectivity. It is a Forum where country Heads share the challenges they face while executing various processes.