Lahore, 18 June 2023 (TDI): The event on ancient heritage and cultural confluence jointly organized by the Indonesian Embassy and Lahore Museum (Pakistan) on June 17 in Lahore.

The grand opening ceremony of the photo exhibition titled “A Night at Lahore Museum: Tracing the Confluence of Civilizations Between Indonesia and Pakistan” which captivated the audience with its vibrant display of ancient cultural connectivity through photographs.

Embarking on a week-long journey, the exhibition provides a fresh perspective on the cross-regional interaction between Indonesia and Pakistan, the two largest Muslim-populated countries, from the depths of history to the present.

In front of an esteemed audience representing various walks of life, Adam Tugio, the Ambassador of Indonesia, emphasized the significance of preserving distinct cultural and historic heritage.

He highlighted that Indonesia and Pakistan both hold rich cultural legacies as heirs to some of the world’s oldest civilizations. The exhibition aims to illuminate the cross-regional cultural influences by showcasing selected photographs and videos of artifacts, sculptures, and inscriptions from both nations.

From culinary delights to ancient healing practices, religious traditions to cultural norms, and from ancient history to modern civilization, the similarities between these two brotherly nations are truly astounding, he remarked.

Drawing attention to the existence of early historic inter-regional connectivity, Ambassador Tugio highlighted the importance of the ancient Gandhara region, primarily encompassing the present-day North West region of Pakistan, as a melting pot of diverse civilizations.

He further noted that the spread of Buddhist and Islamic civilizations to the Indonesian archipelago owes much to the influence of the Gandhara civilization.

Expressing gratitude to the Lahore Museum for their generous support and to all the guests for their participation, Ambassador Tugio warmly extended an invitation to Pakistani friends to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of these two Muslim brotherly countries at the exhibition.

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During the event, Prof. Dr. Javed Akram, Minister of Health Punjab, praised the Embassy’s initiative in organizing the exhibition to promote shared cultural heritage.

He stressed the importance of strengthening academic collaborations and fostering people-to-people connections to fully benefit from the existing strong bonds of friendship between Indonesia and Pakistan.

Mohammad Usman, the Director of Lahore Museum, commended the Indonesian envoy’s idea to organize this exhibition, highlighting the historical significance and pivotal role of Lahore Museum in promoting cultural activities. He expressed his commitment to supporting such purposeful events.

The Lahore Museum warmly welcomes the public to explore this exhibition until 24th June 2023. Through interactive displays, visitors can trace the confluence of civilization between Indonesia and Pakistan in various fascinating ways.

The exhibition also showcases spices and popular products from Indonesia, with the kind support of Indomie, the largest food producer in Indonesia, which has been operating in Faisalabad.