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Ambassador Tirmizi attends Dubai Business Conference


Abu Dhabi, 5 March 2024(TDI): Pakistan’s Envoy to the United Arab Emirates, Ambassador Faisal Niaz Tirmizi, extended a warm invitation to Emirati investors to explore abundant investment opportunities across various sectors in Pakistan.

This invitation was extended during a meeting with UAE Minister of Economy Dr. Abdulrahman Hassan Al Muaini on the sidelines of the Business Opportunities Conference held in Dubai on 5 March.

At the conference attended by more than 100 businessmen from both UAE and Pakistan, Ambassador Tirmizi emphasized the strong and exemplary relationship between Pakistan and the UAE.

He underscored the significant contributions made by the Pakistani diaspora towards the progress and development of the UAE.

Moreover, he highlighted the potential for further collaboration between the two nations.

Business Collaborations

Ambassador Tirmizi highlighted key economic sectors in Pakistan ripe for investment, including real estate, energy, agriculture, information technology, and infrastructure.

He emphasized that Pakistan’s youthful demographic, with over 60% of the population under the age of 30, presents immense opportunities for investment across diverse fields.

The Business Opportunities Conference Dubai served as a platform for fostering business-to-business collaborations between Pakistani and Emirati entrepreneurs.

Detailed panel discussions by business experts explored potential areas for collaboration, aiming to capitalize on the synergies between the two countries’ economies.

Dr. Abdulrahman Hassan Al Muaini, the assistant undersecretary for intellectual property rights sector at the UAE’s Ministry of Economy, welcomed Pakistani delegates and expressed optimism about the potential for bilateral trade growth.

He highlighted the mutual benefits and opportunities for business communities in both countries.

Additionally, he expressed hope for positive outcomes from ongoing interactions between businessmen.

Pakistan and the UAE enjoy a close alliance, with the UAE ranking as Pakistan’s third-largest trade partner.

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Recent agreements worth over $3 billion signed between the two countries, underscore commitment to economic cooperation, focusing on areas such as railways, economic zones, and infrastructure development.

The UAE, home to an estimated 1.8 million Pakistani expatriates, plays a pivotal role in the South Asian nation’s economy, being the second-largest source of remittances.

This expatriate community contributes significantly to both countries’ economies, further solidifying the bonds of friendship and cooperation between Pakistan and the UAE.

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