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Ambassador of Iran to China spoke at China-SCO E-commerce Seminar


Chongqing, 23 August 2021 (TDI): The Iranian ambassador in China, Mohammad Keshavarz-Zadeh, spoke at the E-commerce seminar titled ‘China-SCO Digital Economy Industry Forum’, held today in Chongqing, China. 

Ambassador initiated his speech by congratulating the China-SCO Digital Economy Industry Forum on three developments. First, he congratulated China on the 100 years of CPC and its development over time. Secondly, he congratulated the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) on its 20th anniversary; and thirdly, on the 50th anniversary of friendly relations between China and Iran, he extended his wishes to China.

Keshavarz while underlining the importance of E-commerce mentioned that from daily lifestyle to economic trade, things have changed due to the global pandemic. As digitalization has increased in the pandemic, now people are more reliant on the internet to buy and sell products. He also reviewed the innovations the Government of China did in the field of E-commerce.

Lastly, the ambassador said that the joint platform is a growing opportunity for the countries; digitalization will be strengthening BRI and SCO, which will have a huge benefit to the whole family (he called the member states a family).


Mehwish Ashraf
Mehwish Ashraf
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