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Afghanistan’s Ambassador in China calls for Humanitarian Assistance


Beijing, 19 August 2021 (TDI): The day after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, the Ambassador of Afghanistan to China, while commenting about the latest development in Afghanistan, said that his work has not changed much by this development because he did not work only for the state but for the people also. This is the reason that now he has to “focus more on humanitarian assistance because people need that.” 

In this context, the Ambassador also approached the Chinese government and the government assured possible assistance to the Afghan people. Further, he mentioned that he and his nation have trust in China. At the same time, he called the international community to pay attention to the “domestic refugees” because, he added, “no matter the government, whoever it is, the people are there, we have to help the people.” 

In his interview, Javid Ahmad Qaem said that the security of Afghanistan is a challenge because of criminals (“thieves and thugs”) but the peaceful shift of power is good news because there could be a bloody war. He also hoped that a fair government (based on power-sharing) would form quickly so that things would turn to normal.

Javid also showed his concerns for women’s rights saying that they “should be part of society”. While commenting on the future, he said, “I’m personally hopeful. I think we will go through this as a nation. We have been here for ages and hopefully this time too, we will go through this. China has very good examples of development.”


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