Buenos Aries,9 July 2021 (TDI):  Argentina celebrates its 205th Anniversary of Argentine Independence Day.  In the tweet by the Embassy of Pakistan to Argentina, the words “ Feliz Día de la Independencia” (Happy Independence Day in the Spanish Language) were used to convey independence greetings.

The President of Argentina hosted a beautiful celebration and appealed for solidarity and support for each other as the country is battling with the COVID-19 related challenge.

Independence day of Argentine

Argentine Independence Day as said in Spanish as Día de la Independencia is always celebrated on 9th July.  This national public holiday marks Argentina’s independence from Spain which was declared on 9 July 1816.

In July 1806  Argentina declared independence from Spain. The movement began in 1806 when the British attacked Buenos Aires. This attack was repelled by the militia from Spain. It was the time when Napoleon I intervened in Spain in early 1808.

205th Anniversary of Argentina 

According to Britannica Napoleon overthrow the Spanish King Ferdinand VII causing Spain into Civil War. This created a less grip of Spain on the geographical places in South America. After the creation of the first Argentine government in May 1810, delegates from the South of America came together and declared independence from Spain in July 1816.

Those iconic delegates of that time gathered at a family home in Tucumán. A museum has been made for preserving history and is now known as Casa Histórica de la Independencia.

Why Argentina is called Argentina?

The name is derived from the Latin Argentum (silver). The first use of the name Argentina can be traced to the voyages of the Spanish conquerors to the Río de la Plata. The explorers who shipwrecked in Juan Díaz de Solís’ expedition found native communities in the region who gave them silver presents.

The National Constitution of Argentina enacted in 1853 added the name “Argentine Republic” to the official names to be given to the national government and territory.


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