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2022 Year for Humanitarian Crisis


Geneva, 5 Jan 2022 (TDI): While the world celebrated the coming of a new year, the United Nations posted a tweet yesterday. The tweet states that it was predicted that in 2022 almost 274 million individuals will be needing humanitarian assistance.

Last year according to the United Nations, 235 million people needed humanitarian aid and assistance, which already marked a high number in the past few decades. The UN has aimed to help the most vulnerable and need-based areas. It is aiming to help 183 million individuals in 63 countries. According to the UN, it will need $41 billion to fulfill this aim.

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Countries at risk

Amongst these countries, on high priority stands Afghanistan with 24.4 million people in need of assistance and aid of about 4.4 billion US dollars. Whereas in Syria almost 14.0 million people need humanitarian assistance, funding for this project will need 4.2 billion US dollars. Moreover, Yemen stands at 20.7 million individuals who are in dire need of support, with funding that equals 3.9 Billion US dollars. Where Ethiopia stands at 25.9 million people in need of aid with funding needed at 2.8 billion US dollars.

While Sudan follows shortly with 14.3 million people in need of assistance with 1.9 billion US dollars. DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) where 27.0 million people require assistance and funding needed at 1.9 billion US dollars. South Sudan in which 8.4 million need assistance with funding needed at 1.7 billion dollars.

Furthermore, Somalia fell shortly afterward where 7.7 million people needed aid at 1.5 billion US dollars. Nigeria with 8.3 million individuals displaced needing 1.1 billion dollars. And lastly, in Myanmar where 14.4 million individuals need assistance with funding that equals 826 million US dollars. However, it is hoped that world leaders may assist the UN in making effective policies that will help countries in need.

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