Geneva, 10 September 2022 (TDI): World Health Organization (WHO) observes 10th September as World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD).

All across the world, according to estimates, approximately 703,000 individuals commit suicide each year.

On the day, WHO further declared that there are perhaps 20 people who attempt suicide for every suicide, and many more have significant suicidal thoughts. This has been shared in a tweet by an official account of WHO.

Suicidal behavior has a huge influence on millions of people and causes them to experience severe grief. Every suicidal death is a public health issue that has a significant effect on the people in the area.

However, the world can lower the number of suicides worldwide by increasing knowledge, removing the stigma associated with it, and promoting informed action.

World Suicide Prevention Day

Furthermore, the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) and the WHO created World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) in 2003.

Besides this, every year on September 10th, organizations, governments, and the general public increase awareness of the problem, decrease stigma and give a clear message that suicide can be avoided.

The three-year theme for World Suicide Prevention Day from 2021 to 2023 is known as “Creating hope through action”.

This theme attempts to instill hope and brightness in all of individuals by serving as a reminder that there are alternatives to suicide.

Additionally, with humane actions, a society may show those who are contemplating suicide that there exists hope and that everyone cares about them and want to help them.

Moreover, it also implies that these efforts, no matter how great or tiny, might give those who are having a hard time hope. Finally, it emphasizes how crucial it is for nations to make suicide prevention a top priority for public health.

This is especially in cases where access to mental health care and the provision of evidence-based initiatives are already limited.

It is possible to picture a world where suicides are less common by expanding on this theme and communicating this information over the course of three years.

Apart from this, as members of society, as children, as parents, as friends, as coworkers, or as people with lived experience, the globe can contribute towards helping those who are facing a suicidal dilemma or who have lost a loved one to suicide.

Moving ahead, together people can spread awareness of the problem, help those who are in need, and share their personal experiences. Thus, through actions, individuals may spread hope and shine a light.