Beijing, 20 November 2021 (TDI): The President of China, Xi Jinping addressed a high-level symposium on Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), on Friday. Whilst addressing the symposium he stressed continuous joint efforts to promote the development of the BRI.

Evolving International Environment

Xi Jinping stressed that the BRI should up the ante to maintain high-standard, along with sustainable and people-centric progress. The international environment is grown more complex and competition is brewing in the wake of the sci-tech revolution and industrial transformation. Likewise, climate change and Covid-19 can also jeopardize the project.

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Belt and Road Initiative

China has opened up to the world through the BRI over the last eight years. The project has proved to be mutually advantageous for China and the participant countries. President Xi urged for durable political trust, collaborative mechanisms, and a more reliable connectivity network that links sea, land, cyberspace, and air.

Chinese President
Map of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) by China
Industrial-capacity Cooperation and Financial Connectivity

Trade with neighboring countries must increase along with an expansion of imports of high-quality products. International industrial-capacity cooperation, financial connectivity, and cultural exchanges should be enhanced. Furthermore, China will continue to cooperate in the context of COVID-19 response, health, green development, digital industry, and innovation; to promote BRI.

Low-carbon Energy and Green Development

China will assist developing countries in low-carbon energy and green development. It is proactive to work against the threat imposed by climate change. It aims to elevate the Silk Road E-Commerce initiative and cultivate a fair, open, fair, nondiscriminatory, and equitable environment for the progress of the sci-tech domain.

Connected Supply Chain and Industrial Chain

The Chinese President urged for an unhindered connection between the supply chain and industrial chain. Moreover, projects to enhance the livelihood of people; are an efficient means to inculcate the sense of accomplishment; of countries along the BRI.

Risk Assessment Platform

He underscored the significance of developing a risk assessment platform and coordinating mechanisms for securing the country’s interests overseas, along with security control and global counter-terrorism efforts.

Additionally, China endeavors to guide and educate its enterprises and citizens abroad to abide by local customs and laws to uphold the prestige of the country.

The Chinese Vice Premier, Han Zheng presided over the symposium.

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Han Zheng is also a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee as well as head of the leading group for promoting the BRI.

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