Caracas, 11 August 2022 (TDI): Le Viet Duyen, Ambassador of Socialist the Republic of Vietnam to Venezuela, met the Venezuelan Deputy Minister for Asia, Middle East, and Oceania, Capaya Rodriguez, to strengthen the strategic alliances between both nations.

Both sides discussed the outcomes of Capaya Rodriguez’s recent visit to the Asian Nations. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is a group of ten nations, including Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Remarks by Venezuela Deputy Minister for Asia, ME, and Oceania

While speaking on occasion, Capaya Rodriguez discussed agricultural, economic, commercial, oil, educational, and cultural issues with senior Vietnamese diplomats and considered them significant in the bilateral cooperation plans.

Capaya Rodriguez further emphasized the significance of holding virtual meetings with institutions and offices like the Foreign Trade Bank (Bancoex) and the Ministry of Popular Power for Economy, Finance, and Foreign Trade from Vietnam.

Capaya Rodriguez stressed that these meetings are important to thoroughly outline the opportunities Venezuela offers to Vietnamese investors and business enterprises.

Moreover, in order to advance the IV High-Level Mixed Commission Venezuela-Vietnam, the Bolivarian diplomat discussed the pledges made within the framework of the IX Meeting of Bilateral Political Consultations, held on July 8 in the city of Hanoi.

Remarks of Vietnamese Ambassador

Ambassador Le Viet Duyen said that the visit of Vice Minister Rodriguez to Vietnam marks the beginning of a new phase in the advancement of bilateral ties. He ensured full support to increase trade between the two countries.

The Vietnamese Ambassador advocated academic and student interaction between the diplomatic institutes of each nation.

As well as the signing of an agreement aimed at moving the Cooperation Project for the Development of Rice Planting in Venezuela into a second phase.

Moreover, the Vietnamese Ambassador suggested the coordination of a scheme that would provide scholarships to dancers from one nation to train in another.

The Venezuelan diplomat praised this strategy and suggested including it in the agenda of the upcoming High-Level Joint Commission Venezuela-Vietnam.

Vietnam-Venezuela Bilateral Relations

Vietnam and Venezuela have cooperative relations in politics, culture, agriculture, energy, and technology. They shared ideological affinity that is aimed at binational integration to strengthen collaboration strategies and mutual benefits. Both states support each other and work together to improve trade and bilateral ties.