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Uzbekistan-Belarus foster bilateral talks in Minsk


Minsk, 14 July 2023 (TDI): Today, a significant bilateral event took place in Minsk. The Foreign Ministries of Uzbekistan and Belarus gathered for political consultations, engaging in meaningful discussions and exchanges.

Leading the delegations were Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan, Bobur Usmanov, and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, Igor Nazaruk.

The primary focus of the talks revolved around the current state of affairs and the future prospects of bilateral cooperation between Uzbekistan and Belarus. Additionally, both parties explored opportunities for collaboration within various multilateral structures.

The delegates focused attention on the importance of strengthening economic diplomacy, particularly at the regional level.

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Moreover, Both countries acknowledged growth in bilateral market, highlighting the possibilities for expanding the exchange of sought-after products in their respective markets.

Joint projects in areas such as pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicine, agriculture, and food production were among the topics deliberated on, with views and ideas shared.

Cultural and humanitarian exchanges were also on the the schedule for the day. The participants maintained their commitment to fostering deeper partnerships in the fields of science and education.

Specifically, they both expressed their willingness to enhance cooperation between well known educational institutions in Uzbekistan and Belarus.

Furthermore, the delegations engaged in conversations about the local and international program.

These discussions allowed for a broader perspective on matters beyond the immediate bilateral relationship, recognizing the interconnectedness of global affairs.

Overall, the political consultation in Minsk served as a platform for constructive dialogue and mutual understanding between Uzbekistan and Belarus.

The meeting demonstrated the commitment of both Uzbekistan and Belarus to furthering their cooperation in various areas. It also shows their dedication to a strong economic, cultural, and educational collaboration.

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