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USAID provides industry exposure to engineering graduates


Islamabad, 14 December 2023 (TDI): US Agency for International Development (USAID) Mission Director, Kate Somvongsiri, and Shahjahan Mirza, Managing Director, Private Power Infrastructure Board, distributed certificates among engineering graduates from various universities who were competitively selected for the Empower All Energy Program (EAEP).

As part of USAID’s Power Sector Improvement Activity (PSIA), EAEP seeks to enhance inclusion, diversity, and equity for young graduates, especially women, by providing them an opportunity to network with existing public and private energy sector stakeholders.

USAID provides industry exposure to engineering graduates

For the students, EAEP is their first professional opportunity to not only immerse themselves in the energy industry, but also to apply classroom learning to hands-on projects. This program combined practical training and mentoring to build the capacity of Pakistan’s upcoming engineers to equip them with strong functional acumen and workplace competencies.

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“By investing in the potential of recent graduates, we are investing in the future of Pakistan’s energy sector,” USAID

Pakistan Mission Director Kate Somvongsiri said. “These professionals, equipped with their newfound expertise, will play a crucial role in driving innovation, efficiency, and sustainability in the energy industry, ultimately benefiting the entire nation.”

Shahjahan Mirza acknowledged that the United States and Pakistan have a long history of partnership in the climate and energy sectors and emphasized the important role of young leaders in the energy sector.

PSIA engaged public and private stakeholders from the energy sector to host this program. Upon the completion of the capacity building segment, participants were connected with various public and private energy companies. Upon completion of the two-week EAEP, participants compete for a two-month internship at one of the participating organizations.

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