Bishkek, 20 July 2022 (TDI): The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is working in Kyrgyzstan to help the government alleviate its economy and governance.

Its reforms are also helping in the creation of job posts for many citizens.

USAID’s increasing job opportunities:

In recent years, USAID has supported more than 120 small and medium businesses in Kyrgyzstan. To fulfill its goal of creating more jobs in the local market, it has aided in the establishment of many businesses.

In 2021, with the help of USAID. One of the largest apparel factories was launched in the Balkan region. It employed more than 500 people and became the largest employer in the region.

In June 2022, the agency handed over 6.8 million soms worth of equipment to Kyrgyz SotsAgro LLC poultry. It is also expected to create jobs for more than 100 people.

USAID investment in Socks Company:

With the help of USAID, a local socks-producing company, “Socks Master,” has been able to upgrade completely. The company has now launched the production of thermal and sports socks. It has created new jobs for several people.

Additionally, it has contributed to the development and progress of the textile industry of Kyrgyzstan.

Asanalieva Kunduz, founder of Lucky Socks Brand in Kyrgyzskyrgytan, said that with the help of USAID, thermals socks production would start in Kyrgyzstan. She said it is a great start to move away from imported goods.

Kunduz said that her company can now meet world standards as only high-quality raw materials and premium cotton is used in socks production.

She said that the whole team was excited about this collaboration with USAID and that we are preparing to hire new people soon.

USAID’s projects throughout the state help boost production, optimize technological procedures and implement modern technology.

Ultimately, it develops a way of producing new jobs so that unemployment is reduced and many people can earn enough to support their families.