Doha, 9 August 2022 (TDI): Edward “Ned” Price, the spokesperson of the US State Department, announced that the US supports the Peace Agreement signed between the Chad rebellion group and the military government in Doha, Qatar.

The U.S. has remained a vital partner of Chad. Both states share a collective vision and partnership in strategic projects. The agreement ensured fair and stable elections.

Moreover, the Biden administration promised reconciliation, cooperation, and equal rights for the Chadian people.

The Chad Meeting in Doha:

Chad’s transitional government signed an agreement with the rebel groups in Doha on Monday. As tensions grew in Chad, Qatar stepped forward to help both sides negotiate the peace terms.

The negotiations had gone on for months, with Qatar providing a mediation ground to stop the conflict from further increasing.

Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani opened the signing with a speech. Among the attendees for the peace agreement signing were the negotiating delegation of the transitional government in Chad, representatives of opposition groups and the African Union, and a few international bodies.

Biden Administration recognized the role of the Qatar government in the transition of
Chad’s government and ongoing political-military interchange in the country. The U.S embassy in Qatar also appreciated the efforts by Qatar in providing mediation grounds for peace talks between the two parties.

Importance of Peace Agreement:

The U.S. ensured Chad that this agreement would support the Chadian governmental transition and its rising concerns. The government of the US affirmed its constant support in the transition process.

The U.S. and Chad collectively promoted the National Dialogue strategy, revision of the country’s constitution, and a platform for fair and equal elections. The United States assured that they would stand with the civilian-led government, which would portray the will of the people of Chad.

The U.S. support for Chadians:

The U.S. government guaranteed Chad’s population that it would stand by them in their hardships and their struggle for justice in the country.

The next generation of leaders of Chad will strengthen the people of Chad. The new coalition will promote equality of rights and raise people’s voices against brutality. Moreover, the government of the United States also highlighted that such agreements would promote the growth and development of the region.

The U.S. African Partnership:

The U.S. has always played an important role in the continent of Africa. The Secretary of state also assured Africans of their importance during his visit to the African continent.

Furthermore, the Biden administration ensured the region’s growth through USAID and multiple developmental programs. It also funded the region to combat COVID-19 and help fight its impacts in the post-pandemic era.

The U.S. has always stood with the people of the African continent, especially in the Peace Agreement propagation. The U.S.-led programs are helping millions of people across the continent through developmental and agricultural advancements.