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US Special Envoy for Afghanistan met Imran Khan


Islamabad: July 19, 2021-(TDI): Today, US Special Envoy for Afghan Reconciliation Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad met with Prime Minister Imran Khan. The discussion focused on the current situation in Afghanistan and the importance of accelerating the Afghan peace process. The Prime Minister emphasized Pakistan’s facilitative efforts to encourage peace talks aimed at achieving an integrated, wider, and extensive political settlement to end Afghanistan’s four-decade-long conflict. He stated that the increment of conflict and instability in Afghanistan was not in Pakistan’s best interests because it would pose serious challenges in terms of security and refugee influx and that long-term peace in Afghanistan would pave the way for regional economic integration. The Prime Minister has recalled his words that he has repeatedly stated that there is no military solution to the Afghan conflict. He went on to say that enacting a government by force will not end the conflict and that only a peaceful resolution will bring Afghanistan long-term peace and stability.

Reiterating Pakistan’s consistent support for a peaceful, stable, and united Afghanistan, the Prime Minister emphasized that a secure and safe Western border was in Pakistan’s best interests and that Pakistan would like to remain actively involved with the United States and other relevant countries for peace and diplomatic efforts.

He highlighted the significance of all Afghan sides being flexible and engaging meaningfully with one another. PM Imran Khan said that in recent¬† Central Asia and South Asia Connectivity Conference in Tashkent, he has proposed that it was critical for Afghanistan’s neighbors and regional countries to collaborate in a constructive manner together to achieve a long-term diplomatic resolution in Afghanistan.
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