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US President Meets the Pope


Vatican City, 29 October 2021 (TDI): The President of United States of America, Joe Biden met Pope Francis at the Vatican City today. Both leaders talked about global challenges facing humanity. They deliberated upon the possible solutions to these challenges.

During the meeting, the Pope highlighted his efforts for improving access to food and clothing for poor people across the globe. He also emphasized on the role played by the church to increase climate awareness.

The American President thanked the Pope for his continued efforts in reducing poverty and providing education. He also lauded his efforts in identifying and raising voices for the persecuted communities in the world.

During the meeting, both leaders discussed the condition of the masses of the world after the pandemic. They agreed that the post-pandemic world presented a number of unprecedented challenges.

The American President drew attention to the urgency of the matter of climate change, and lauded the efforts of the Pope in this regard.

Pope Francis stated that Climate Change should be dealt with a renewed sense of global responsibility. He expressed his desire to base these efforts on justice and a shared sense of common destiny.

He stated that the world has settled on doing the bare minimum, whereas the responsibility demanded to do the maximum possible.

Both leaders reaffirmed their commitments to global challenges and emphasized on the need to cooperate on matters of human rights and climate change.

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