Karachi, 22 July 2022 (TDI): Dilawar Syed, the United States (US) Special Representative for Commercial and Business Affairs expressed the commitment to collaborate with Pakistan, on behalf of the US.

He elaborated that the US is keen to join hands with Pakistan in economic terms. This statement was given by him while giving an interview on Hum News to television host Meher Bokhari.

Dilawar Syed went on to explain the purpose of his trip to Pakistan. He arrived in Pakistan at the beginning of this month.

He conveyed that the visit was made to improve the commercial connectivity between the US and Pakistan. Additionally, commercial diplomacy between the countries can be strong when the companies thrive to invest across the borders.

Pakistan and US relationship has to be importantly focused on Business Sector. He added that, unfortunately, so far the trading between the two countries is not more than 9 Billion USD.

Dilawar Syed met around eighty to a hundred companies, entrepreneurs, government officials, and other stakeholders during his visit to Pakistan, to learn their strengths and weaknesses.

Moreover, he looked for many opportunities that might help advance the diplomatic ties between the US and Pakistan. US investment can bring a drastic change in building a strong economy in Pakistan. The outcome will bring an effective business portfolio.

Many American Brands are operating in Pakistan and hence, this brings more benefits to the economic development of Pakistan. There have been gathered a lot of feedback and interest from the customers and employees to improve those Brands, he claimed.

He stressed that Pakistan should widen its vision and must open room for American investments in the country. Pakistan is also facing an energy crisis for many years, hence, it should be resolved by introducing collaborative projects.

Furthermore, he expressed that while visiting different places in Pakistan he met different company managers. Consequently, he realized that there are a large number of people who are willing to partner with the US.

He added that he had been given positive feedback about the initiative by Dr. Murtaza Syed, Acting Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan, and Mifta Ismail, Federal Minister of Pakistan.

Lastly, he emphasized that trade barriers should be taken off from the two countries to allow easy entry into the market.