Paris, 3 February 2022 (TDI): US President, Joe Biden and French President, Emmanuel Macron are ready to respond to Russia over military buildup near the Ukraine border.

Meeting and Coordination of Eastern Europe States

According to the White House press release, Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian will come to the table on this crisis with his counterparts. This meeting will be held on Thursday in Bucharest. Nine Ministers from Eastern Europe and the Baltic states will join this meeting.

“No sign now that Russia is ready to attack” French Foreign Minister

There is no indication now that Russia is ready to attack Ukraine. But if it happened then action will be taken according to the situation. Le Drian will hold talks in Bucharest with nine Baltic and Eastern European Foreign Ministers including Poland, the Czech Republic, and Estonia. Presently, Le Drian is on a visit to Romania. While there he spoke to Romania’s Parliament.

Biden and Macron ready to coordinate against Russia

After calling Biden, Macron said, “He might visit Russia to observe the present situation”. The French leader and Biden “affirmed their readiness to protect the sovereignty territorial integrity of Ukraine”. The USA is also ready to impose swift and economic sanctions on Russia if it tries to invade Ukraine.

NATO and Eastern Europe Coordination

NATO confirmed that it has deployed thousands of troops in Eastern Europe and the Baltic states with the help of the USA. On the other hand different State also affirmed their support for Kyiv and solidarity with Ukraine.

Eastern Europe has allowed for base stations and troops of NATO. Some state officials already visited Kyiv to check and observe the present situation.

Erdogan hopes to play mediator with Russia during Ukraine Visit

President Erdogan of Turkey also visited Ukraine on Thursday to meet his counterpart. He will meet with Volodymyr Zelenskyon and other high officials in Kyiv. Turkey is ready to play the mediatory role to ease the tension between Ukraine and Russia.

Moreover, on Wednesday, Ankara announced, it will sign a free trade agreement with Kyiv. Erdogan visited Kyiv when NATO members; Poland, Britain, and others visited Kyiv. Ankara has good relations with Russia and Ukraine.

In November last year, and then last month Ankara invited Russia and Ukraine to ease tensions and enable diplomatic dialogue.