Tashkent, 13 June 2023 (TDI): Ambassador of Pakistan Ahmed Farooq met with Professor Gulchehra Rikhsieva, the Rector of Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies (TSUOS), the oldest institution of higher education in Central Asia, in a productive proceed toward cultural diplomacy.

The session at the institution sought to identify opportunities for collaboration and mutual support in promoting Urdu in Uzbekistan.

During the meeting, Envoy Farooq and Rector Rikhsieva exchanged valuable insights on the importance of language as a bridge between cultures. They discussed strategies to enhance the presence of Urdu and its significance in Uzbekistan further.

Both officials acknowledged that Urdu is a language that connects the people of Pakistan and Uzbekistan and the substantial historical and cultural ties that bind the two countries together.

Highlighting the potential for cultural diplomacy, Diplomat Envoy Farooq emphasized the power of language in fostering more profound understanding and cultural exchanges. He expressed his gratitude to TSUOS for its dedicated efforts in promoting the Urdu language and underlined Pakistan’s commitment to supporting such initiatives.

As a gesture of goodwill, the Pakistani Ambassador visited the Pakistan Centre in TSUOS, where he presented a collection of Urdu books to Mukhlisa Sharaxmatova, Head of the Urdu Department. These books serve as valuable resources for students and researchers, providing them with a deeper insight into the richness and beauty of Urdu literature.

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Envoy Farooq expressed his appreciation for Mukhlisa Sharaxmatova and her team’s diligent efforts in promoting the Urdu language and nurturing a love for Pakistani culture among students.

He acknowledged the significant role played by TSUOS in building strong cultural and educational ties between Pakistan and Uzbekistan.

Ambassador Farooq pledged that the Government of Pakistan will continue its efforts to promote the use of the Urdu language in Uzbekistan through scholarly research and diplomatic support.

Pakistan Embassy Uzbekistan looks forward to continuing to work with TSUOS and other organizations to foster cultural understanding, cultivate friendship, and strengthen Pakistan-Uzbekistan relations.

The Urdu language and cultural diplomacy have made a giant leap forward due to the Pakistani Embassy’s dedication and TSUOS’s enthusiasm. It creates new opportunities for research partnerships, cultural initiatives, and educational exchanges to deepen ties between the two countries.