New York, 7 October 2023 (TDI): In a new analysis unveiled today, UNICEF revealed that over the course of six years, weather-related disasters have resulted in a staggering 43.1 million children displacements by weather disasters in 44 countries.

This alarming figure averaged approximately 20,000 child displacements daily, underscoring the urgent need for action in addressing the impact of child displacements from weather disasters.

The groundbreaking report, ‘Children Displaced in a Changing Climate,’ presented the inaugural worldwide examination of children displaced from their residences amid the years 2016-2021 due to floods, storms, droughts, and wildfires

Additionally, the study delved into future projections spanning the next three decades, emphasizing the urgency for immediate measures in safeguarding vulnerable children amidst the escalating climate crisis.

China and the Philippines have witnessed significant child displacements, attributed to their susceptibility to extreme weather events, sizable child populations, and advancements in early warning systems and evacuation capabilities.

These nations stand out with notable numbers of displaced children, underscoring the impact of climate-related challenges on vulnerable communities.

UNICEF Executive Director, Catherine Russell expressed deep concern, stating, “When a fierce wildfire, storm, or flood strikes, it instills fear in every child.

For those compelled to escape, the emotional toll is immense, wondering if they’ll return home, resume education, or face yet another displacement.

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As climate change impacts intensify, so will climate-induced migrations. We possess the expertise and tools to address this mounting challenge, yet our response is alarmingly slow.

Strengthening community preparedness, safeguarding at-risk children, and aiding those already displaced must become our urgent priorities.

Between 2016 and 2021, a staggering 40.9 million children, constituting 95 percent of all recorded displacements, were uprooted by floods and storms. This increase can be attributed partly to improved reporting and proactive evacuations.

Additionally, droughts forced over 1.3 million children to flee internally, with Somalia facing significant impact, and wildfires led to 810,000 child displacements, with over a third occurring in 2020 alone.

Notably, Canada, Israel, and the United States reported the highest number of such incidents.

As the COP28 Climate Change Summit approaches in Dubai this November, UNICEF calls on governments, donors, development partners, and the private sector to unite in safeguarding children and youth from future displacement.