UNGA President to visit China

He will meet with senior officials of the Chinese government on his 3-days official trip.

Flags of the United Nations (left) and China (right)

New York, 24 November 2021 (TDI): Abdulla Shahid, the President of the 76th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) has departed for his official visit to China.

China has been an active member and an important partner of the United Nations. It has collaborated with the United Nations in multiple forums for the betterment of humanity. It is also one of the biggest donators to the UN.

China and the UN believe in multilateralism. They believe in a shared future of the international community. Both are making efforts to create a global community based on shared values and common interests.

Due to the close collaboration of the UN and China, the Chinese government invited the President of the UNGA to visit China officially. It will be the first visit of Abdulla as the President of the UNGA to China. Abdulla has departed from New York and will be in China for his 3-days official visit. The Chinese government will cover all the costs of the trip of the UNGA President to China.

President Abdulla on his visit will meet with several senior officials of the Chinese government. He will meet with the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, and with the Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee. Abdulla will also meet with China’s Foreign Affairs University, members of the All-China Women’s Federation, and the UN Country Team in his 3-days visit to China.

The two parties will discuss cooperation on global challenges

The visit of the UNGA head to China will provide a chance for the two parties to discuss the issues of mutual concern. It will also help them to strengthen their cooperation in formulating a global community based on shared values. It will give them an opportunity to discuss their cooperation in the unprecedented challenges to the world such as the Coronavirus pandemic, climate change, and sustainable development.

President Abdulla ahead of his visit to China stated that China is an important contributor to the UN and his visit to China will help to strengthen the cooperation on the global challenges. He also acknowledged the Chinese role in providing vaccines to the world in the pandemic. He admired the Chinese announcement of providing 2 billion doses of the vaccine this year to the world including donations to 110 countries. UNGA President congratulated China on assisting the world in this pandemic.

President Abdulla is accompanied by his Advisor on Sustainable Development and a Communications Officer in his visit to China. The visit of the UNGA President to China will promote multilateralism in the world. It will give a positive image of the two leading members of the international community collaborating together to deal with the global challenges. United Nations and China will continue to cooperate in regional as well in the international issues of the world.


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