Hanoi, 19 November 2021 (TDI): UNESCO re-elects Vietnam for the Executive Board for the term of 2021-25.

The election took place at the UNESCO’s 41st General Conference held in Paris, France on November 17.

Vietnam has been re-elected with securing 164 votes in the election of UNESCO’s highest executive body. Apart from Vietnam, China, Japan, India, and the Philippines are also members of this body.

Vietnam’s Secretary-General for Vietnam National Commission for UNESCO, Mai Phan Dung called the re-election an indicator of the rising status and prestige of Vietnam.

He also noted that the global community recognized Vietnam for its contributions to the relations with UNESCO.

Vietnam’s Director of the Department of Cultural Affairs

Mai Phan Dung who is also Vietnam’s Director of the Department of Cultural Affairs and UNESCO expressed that such an election will provide opportunities to the country to protect the national interests.

The Executive Board is a crucial management agency of UNESCO. It is responsible for producing short-term and mid-term plans and programs.

The board consists of 58 members and each stays for a four-year term.

It is also responsible to examine the corresponding budget estimates submitted to it by the DG and UNESCO’s program of work.

The Executive Board also exercises the power delegated to it by the General Conference. It also deals with the questions entrusted to it.

UNESCO elected Vietnam for the 5th time for the post. Earlier,  the Southeast Asian country served for the 1978-1983, 2001-2005, 2009-2013, and 2015-2019 tenures in UNESCO’s Executive body.

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