Antananarivo, 18 February 2022 (TDI): International staff related to the United Nations says that Madagascar is a country where child sex abuse is common and unfortunately accepted.

International human rights experts who came out last Thursday said sexual abuse of minors is “pervasive and totally accepted” in Madagascar’s tourist areas, according to UN-appointed human rights experts.

The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child found that most children who engage in sex for money do so to stay alive. The committee urged countries to take steps to protect children from child prostitution and other human rights violations.

The Geneva-based group wants Madagascar’s government to sign international, regional, and bilateral agreements to stop or slow down the spread of sex tourism in the country. This was the outcome of research into the island nation’s maritime rights in the Indian Ocean that had been planned.

The country’s proclamation that it would put a stop to all sorts of child abuse, including sexual abuse and exploitation, was hailed as a watershed moment in the history of the country.

Members of the Malagasy government and civil society met in Geneva to talk about ways to protect the country from droughts and food shortages, which are especially bad in the country’s southern parts.

According to the international staff of the United Nations, the acute malnutrition rates among children in Madagascar have increased “exponentially” in recent years. As a result of the efforts of the United Nations, this has been noted.

Sexual abuse of children in Madagascar
Sexual abuse of children in Madagascar

ECPAT International, a non-profit group, told the panel that child prostitution in Madagascar had become “silly.” The practice right now takes place in bars, clubs, massage salons, and hotel rooms.

According to ECPAT International, poverty is the fundamental reason for this, and some families intentionally encourage their kids to do illegal things. Boys are being hired as prostitutes at a rapid rate, a trend that has been growing for several years. According to the most recent statistics, Madagascar welcomed over 250,000 visitors in 2017.

However, the majority of abusers were from the country itself, with the capital and the seaside areas being the worst hit. Madagascar has nothing but been hit by two extremely intense hurricanes, which have killed and damaged many people in large parts of the island nation.

Extreme weather across the country has led to widespread starvation, and the United Nations and other humanitarian groups are on the ground to help and support those who have been hurt by the weather.

Sexual abuse of children in Madagascar
Extreme weather across the country has led to widespread starvation

The Committee’s authority and jurisdiction

An 18-person group called, “the Committee on the Rights of the Child” is in charge of making sure countries follow the rules of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

There are two other optional protocols to the Convention: one on child participation in armed conflict and another on child trafficking, prostitution, and pornography. All of these are presently being looked at.