UN action plan to safeguard children’s rights

UN Action Plan to safeguard children's rights
Children in a war-torn Yemen.

New York, 20 April 2022 (TDI): UN Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict (CAAC) Virginia Gamba shared these statistics on the number of children used and killed in the Yemen War, at the signing of a new action plan for children. 10,200 children have been killed, and nearly 3500 have been used in the conflict in the eight years of the Yemen war.

UN has signed a new Action Plan to safeguard children’s rights in Yemen. The parties to the Action Plan have committed to preventing and ending recruiting of children in armed conflicts. The Action Plan also advised parties to provide reintegration support and ensure the release of children from their respective posts within six months.

The signed Action Plan will safeguard the children’s rights in conflict areas. It will ensure that no children are indulged in conflict, killing and maiming children, and attacks on schools and hospitals.

“The United Nations welcomes efforts by all parties to the conflict to end and prevent grave violations against children. This new commitment by the Houthis is a positive and encouraging step in that direction,” said UN Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict (CAAC) Virginia Gamba. Earlier, several humanitarian actions to protect children have been denied in the country. The UN representative has stressed on the Houthis to humanitarian organizations to access the conflict zone to Carter the needs of children.
“The Action Plan must be fully implemented and lead to tangible actions to improve the protection of children in Yemen,” she asserted.

UN initiative for Peace dialogues

The proposed action plan has the potential to address the social and economic crisis in Yemen. It can also help to revitalize the political system in the country. UN has emphasized taking strategic measures to obtain lasting peace to protect children from hostilities in Yemen. The UN representative has expressed concern about the challenges which might occur during the implementation of the UN Action Plan to safeguard children’s rights.

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