Minsk, 20 January 2022 (TDI): On January 20, the Ambassador of Pakistan Sajjad Haider Khan gave an interview to the reporter of the CTV channel Ms. Kristina Sushchenya.

The Ambassador highlighted the history, developments, and prospects of the Pakistan-Belarus bilateral relations and touched upon the positive outcomes of cooperation and engagements held in 2021. Visiting the photographic exhibition and Trade Display Centre at the Embassy, the Ambassador highlighted the touristic and trade potential between the two countries.

CTV is one of the three national TV channels broadcasting throughout Belarus. Established on October 19, 2000, today it employs about 300 journalists, cameramen, video engineers, directors, and other professionals.


Belarus declared its sovereignty from the Soviet Union in 1990, and then in August 1991 declared its independence. According to the Embassy of Pakistan in Belarus; Pakistan formally recognized Belarus as an independent country in December 1991.

Moreover, Belarus first opened its diplomatic representation in Islamabad in July 2014. On the other side, Pakistan opened its mission in Minsk in August 2015. According to the Embassy, since the establishment of the bilateral relations between both countries, they have grown at an unprecedented rate.

Ambassador Khan and the reporter Sushchenya during the interview
Ambassador Khan and the reporter Sushchenya during the interview

Furthermore, both countries signed the Islamabad Declaration of Pakistan-Belarus Partnership; and the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Republic of Belarus in 2015.

A year later; both signed the Joint Statement of the Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and President of the Republic of Belarus. Those three were signs of the will of both countries to develop and strengthen their bilateral relations.

The Embassy also mentions that both established the Pakistan-Belarus Joint Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation in 2015. The objective of the Commission was to develop bilateral trade and economic relations.

Ambassador Khan giving the reporter a brief tour in the Embassy
Ambassador Khan during a tour of the Embassy with the CTV team

The Commission also has Joint Working Groups (JWG) for Cooperation in the fields of Industry, Agriculture, and Science & Technology. To facilitate business, both countries have a forum that includes Pak-Belarus Joint Business Council; Pak-Belarus Business & Investment Forum, Pak-Belarus Textile Forum, and Pak-Belarus Agricultural Forum.

Both countries also have the Bilateral Political Consultations (BPC), and the Inter-Parliamentary and Inter-Regional Cooperation. The first official visit of the two was when the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko visited the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.