Islamabad, 23 June 2022 (TDI): The President of Pakistan, Arif Alvi, met the Ambassador of Turkiye to Pakistan, Ehsan Mustafa Yaradkal, in his farewell.

The two discussed the relationship between Pakistan and Turkiye. Pakistan’s president stated that the people of both countries benefit from this relationship.

He further added that the relationship between both countries is based on the ideals of common social, cultural, and religious values.

He hoped for bilateral ties to grow more and more. This would turn them into a strong future for the mutual benefit of the people of both sides.

On Islamophobia, both countries have fought shoulder to shoulder on various plat forums. These include the OIC and the United Nations to promote a positive image of Islam.

It is a great joint effort that the United Nations has declared March 15th as International Day Against Islamophobia.

In addition to this, he stated that Islamophobia is on the rise globally and it is a threatening situation, especially in India.

India has let the minorities of India down. Muslims are being deprived of their rights and are being subject to fear and persecution.

As a result, the barbarianism of India is on fire and homes and worship places of Muslims are being demolished in India.

Similarly, unethical acts are on the rise in India and their insults to Muslim religious symbols and personalities are at their peak.

Turkiye on Kashmir Dispute

Further, President Arif Alvi thanked the continued support of Turkiye towards the dispute between Jammu and Kashmir.

In this regard, views are key, and both countries have the same views on Cyprus. The views also include illegal Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir and UN restructuring.

In conclusion, the President congratulated the Ambassador of Turkiye on completing his tenure in Pakistan.

The personal role of the Ambassador in further strengthening the Pakistan-Turkish bilateral relations was also appreciated by President Arif Alvi.