The Chancellor of Ecuador receives the credentials from the Ambassador of Vietnam

Chancellor of Ecuador, and Ambassador of Vietnam
Virtual Meeting of Foreign Minister of Ecuador and Ambassador of Vietnam

Quito, 2 October 2021 (TDI): The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Ecuador, Mauricio Montalvo received copies of the credentials from the Ambassador of Vietnam, Pham Truong Gian in a virtual meeting, on 1 October.

Giang is the Ambassador of Vietnam to Chile where the embassy is located. Giang transmitted his regards and congratulated President Guillermo Lasso and the citizens of Ecuador.

Giang also manifested the interest of Vietnam to work in common-ground interests to strengthen bilateral cooperation. Montalvo highlighted the solid relations and supported the strengthening of the bilateral relations to increase commerce.

Montalvo also mentioned that Vietnam is a strategic partner regarding the intention of Ecuador to enter the Comprehensive and Progressive Treaty for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and requested their aid. In the end, both countries reaffirmed their commitment to promote bilateral cooperation. 



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