Moscow, 23 November 2021 (TDI): On 22nd November 2021, to address emerging threats on the regional and international stage, a formal meeting was conducted between Russia-Pakistan.

The 9th Meeting of Russia-Pakistan Joint Working Group on Combatting International Terrorism and Other Challenges to Security renewed the commitment to prevent the rapid spread of terrorism propaganda in the information space, particularly on the internet and the phenomenon of foreign terrorist fighters.

During the meeting, officials from both sides discussed in length the malaise of extremism, the entrenched jaws of terrorism and the wide range of threats that are haunting the global community. The two sides also put a light on the global fight against terrorism as well as other challenges.

Additionally, they reviewed the existing policies to counter drug trafficking, money laundering and combating organized crime and emphasized the fact to formulate the policies that can meet the eyes and satisfy the regional and global expectations.

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The officials of the two states have urged to spread mutual cooperation and collaboration in a geometric fashion to reduce the prevailing clouds of challenges.

Historical Recap of Pakistan-Russian Relations

The display of collaboration for joint working on international terrorism and extremism between Russia and Pakistan is not a product of recent episodes. Over the past decade, both the states have concealed the cracks developed on their diplomatic and strategic sheets during the Cold war.

In 2002, there have been four rounds of talks on counter-terrorism between Pakistan and Russia. Later in 2009, Moscow hosted another round of talks. After four years, in 2013, the two discussed mutual defence and security cooperation in a wider context. In October that same year, both countries pledged to jointly control the production and trafficking of drugs and narcotics.

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In 2010, relations between Pakistan and Russia improved markedly as illustrated by high-level visits, arms sales, and increased cooperation.

Defence collaboration between Russia and Pakistan got a new boost when Russia lifted its embargo on arms sales to Pakistan in 2014. Later, in November, the defence ministers of both countries signed an agreement to expand defence and military ties.

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The 5th meeting of the Pakistan-Russia Joint Working Group on Counter-terrorism was hosted by Pakistan in Islamabad on 27 January 2014. From 2014 to 2018 several rounds of talks have been taken place, along with joint military and naval exercises and cooperation on a wider level to further collaboration and maximise the output for peace and security.