Manila, 5 January 2022 (TDI): Thailand pledged to provide support to the Philippines after the country has been hit hard by Typhoon Odette. The development came today which contained humanitarian assistance from Thailand for the Philippines. The aid will contain the amount of USD 65,000 for the people affected by the natural calamity.


US government has provided an additional Php 50 million to the Philippines under USAID last month. The Philippines have been struck by Typhoon Odette with their communities affected.

The aid consists of logistics support to transfer humanitarian workers working in destructed areas. It also contains relief supplies to communities devastated by Typhoon Odette.

While collaborating with World Food Program, USAID also provides emergency Telecomms support in typhoon-affected areas. Earlier the US provided 10 million Php to the Philippines on December 22 on account of rehabilitating the devastated Philippines.

They had provided food, water, hygiene supplies, and other relief items to the people affected by the calamity. USAID also collaborated with Action Against Hunger in this humanitarian operation.

USAID aid will assist the Philippines to restore water supply services and sanitation facilities. It will also promote hygiene practices to keep people safe and healthy. Philippine’s Department of Foreign Affairs expressed gratitude to the USA Government’s efforts in assisting the country under destruction.

Super Typhoon Rai

The Philippines is facing severe destruction by Super Typhoon Rai locally known as Odette. An estimated idea noted almost 375 people have died of this calamity in the Philippines.

Philippine Red Cross is working diligently to provide relief in destructed areas. Moreover, the United States is assisting the destructed regions of the Philippines due to calamity. Earlier, the Korean Ambassador to the Philippines also pledged a donation of USD 2M cash for the Philippines.