Dhaka, 11 October 2023 (TDI): Diana Janse, the State Secretary for International Development of Sweden held a meeting with the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Hasina Wajid on Monday, at Ganabhaban in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The discussions encompassed a wide range of topics related to their bilateral relations. They exchanged views on various areas of cooperation including trade & development, the green transition, climate change & issues like the Russia-Ukraine crisis, & Rohingya.

During the meeting, Diana Janse conveyed Sweden’s desire to see free and fair elections conducted in Bangladesh. In response, Prime Minister Hasina Wajid reaffirmed her commitment to ensuring free fair inclusive elections in the country.

Both officials expressed pride in the strong and positive relationship between Sweden and Bangladesh. They also underscored the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

Hasina Wajid emphasized the need to halt the war and allocate the funds saved from its cessation toward human prosperity. 

She urged both states to abstain from imposing sanctions on the transportation of food grains and added that the commodity prices and transportation costs increased due to the conflict between Russia & Ukraine.

Hasina Wajid also expressed her concerns about developed countries due to their lack of active measures to combat climate change issues.

Furthermore, she highlighted the Bangladeshi government’s initiative to establish 100 special economic zones across the country & emphasized that Bangladesh does not face a food crisis, as the country’s agriculture sector plays a crucial role in food production.

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Diana Janse commended the Bangladeshi government’s efforts in women empowerment, poverty alleviation, and addressing climate change challenges.

She also praised the Hasina Wajid’s administration for providing shelter to millions of displaced Myanmar migrants.

In this official meeting, other notable figures were also present including Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Office Secretary, Mohammad Salahuddin, and Sweden’s Ambassador to Bangladesh.