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Securing Well-being through Global Action Plan


Geneva, 25 September 2021 (TDI): WHO has posted the news today that the Global Action Plan which is built to ensure the healthy lives and wellbeing of everyone, and around 37 countries all over the world have joined this plan.

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They are being closely engaged to secure the well-being and also to gain a healthy lifestyle for every other person in the world.

Most of the countries that are part of this plan are mainly focused on health care reforms.

The main goal is to recover and build a strong health care system. The main motto is stronger collaboration and better health. It has a simple premise which is stronger collaboration contributes to better health. According to the link, a better health system is the path that leads to healthy and secure well-being for all.

“The Global Action Plan for Healthy Lives and Well-being for All” is established by 13 multilateral humanitarian, health, and development agencies. The main goal is to support states to speed up progress towards health-related SDGs. All agencies commented on the single goal and also worked together to advance all other SDG 3 targets. Under this plan, all the agencies are committed to health such as the “UN High-level Meeting on Universal Coverage and the Astana Conference on Primary Health Care”.

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