Second batch of Chinese aid reaches Kabul

Chinese aid will help Afghanistan to help its people in the frozen winter season.

Afghan officials received the winters aid from China.

Kabul, 14 December 2021 (TDI): China has sent another batch of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. The aid reached Kabul on Monday, 13 December 2021.

China donated winter supplies to Afghanistan seeing its worsening humanitarian crisis. Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan Wang Yu handed over the winter aid to Arsala Kharoti, the Afghan Deputy Minister of refugees and repatriation affairs in Kabul.

The second batch of Chinese aid to Afghanistan consisted of more than 70,000 blankets and over 40,000 down coats. It also included other daily life winter supplies to assist the vulnerable Afghans in the cold winter season.

Chinese Ambassador addressed the aid-giving ceremony. He stated that this aid is a gift from the Chinese people for their Afghan brothers in this winter season. He emphasized that Chinese people knew the challenges of Afghan brothers in this humanitarian crisis. China will continue to assist Afghanistan by providing aid.

Afghan Deputy Minister of refugees and repatriation affairs along with other officials were present at the ceremony. He thanked China for helping in these challenging times. He stated that the aid will be distributed among the needy people on an urgent basis. Chinese aid is very important for the Afghan people, he added.

Note that Afghanistan has been facing a humanitarian crisis since the establishment of the Taliban government in August 2021. The international community has not recognized the interim government due to the human rights situation and the absence of democracy in Afghanistan.

The world has ended its ties with Afghanistan and ended its trade and assistance to the war-torn country which created a humanitarian crisis. China has been supporting the Afghan government by providing it aid. It has also urged the world to assist the Afghan government in the humanitarian crisis.

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