Manila, 26 September 2022 (TDI): Save the Children United Kingdom (UK) is on the ground in the Philippines to help badly impacted families in the wake of that Super Typhoon Noru.

Super Typhoon Noru has washed away homes and millions of households are facing power outages in the aftermath.

Save the Children team is assessing the damage so as to implement new strategies and operations to support the government along with the local response teams.

Super Typhoon Noru in the Philippines

In the Philippines, Super Typhoon Noru left homes underwater and millions without electricity claiming the lives of five rescue personnel.

A typhoon is a tropical cyclone that hits the earth with a speed of 118 to 184 kph also known as a tropical depression.

The personnel who had been working with the rescue teams were operating in the San Miguel district, north of the Philippines’ capital of Manila, when sudden floods washed them away.

Typhoon Noru severely damaged the area, leaving some inhabitants stuck on their roofs while others swam through water that was up to their chests in the trash in an effort to provide supplies.

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Noru also produced wind gusts of high to 240 km/h on the island of Luzon, where over half of the country’s 110 million people reside.

The incumbent President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos during a briefing said that “I think we may have gotten lucky, at least this time. I think it’s clear from what we did these last two days is that, very, very important, is preparation”.

He continued, “It’s not yet over. I think the point when we can stand down is when the majority of evacuees are already back in their homes”.

Measures taken to mitigate the impact of Noru

Fishermen had previously been prohibited from leaving the land in Quezon Province, east of Manila. There are certain villages facing power outages.

Moreover, ferry services and flights have been canceled. President Marcos halted all government operations in Luzon and canceled all classes. Residents were compelled to take shelter at the Dingalan municipality, northeast of Manila and on the Pacific coast.

Furthermore, President also added that “Trading on the country’s stock exchange will also be suspended on Monday and the energy ministry had placed on high alert all energy-related industries in the county”.

Additionally, Dick Gordon, chairman of the Philippine Red Cross said that “Thousands of volunteers are monitoring river levels, bridges, and mountains for landslides which could hamper rescue efforts”.

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