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Russian Foreign Minister Addressed BRICS forum


Moscow, 9 November 2021 (TDI): The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, addressed the 3rd International Municipal BRICS Forum participants; online. Lavrov first welcomed both organizers and participants to the BRICS Forum.


BRICS is the acronym to associate five major emerging economies. Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa are the members of the mechanism. 

The BRICS members exert significant influence on their respective regional affairs. Then Lavrov mentioned that BRICS is a unique platform for multidimensional interaction, as it is a mechanism with several objectives.

This mechanism aims to promote peace, security, development, and stability. Then BRICS is contributing to providing aid for the development of humankind and also promoting equality. Member countries have shown high economic growth that is why we say that the mechanism has benefits.


Russian Foreign Minister mentioned this Forum has created a solid foundation for multifaceted cooperation. Along with the implementation of innovative projects. Moreover, Minister mentioned that the recent epidemiological situation forced them to have to hold the forum online.

The dialogue at the level of municipalities is playing a strategic role due to its contribution to strengthening contacts. There is also a fruitful exchange of experience in urban development and also to the use of ICT in housing and utilities.

Moreover, in the elements of artificial intelligence, along with the municipalities’ economic, tourism, and also cultural potential; the BRICS forum is promoting the growth of strategic partnerships within its framework.

The discussions at the forum were held in a constructive spirit. Moreover, The discussion at the BRICS forum will help to establish mutually beneficial contacts. As well, it will play a decisive factor to launch new joint projects and initiatives.

This is the third time, that this Forum is convened. Finally, Lavrov expressed his wish for the participants to have fruitful work, during the forum, and also he wished them the best.

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