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Muhammad Asif Noor

Muhammad Asif Noor is a two-decade strong business and media evangelist with experience in building networks amongst Diplomats, Business Groups, Political and Civil Society Leaders based in Pakistan and Internationally.

so, As a CEO to The Diplomatic Insight Group with four prominent Public best diplomats of Pakistan and Business entities including leading Public Diplomacy Magazine The Diplomatic Insight, Public Diplomacy Think Tank Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies, Trading and Consultancy Belt and Road Consultants Pvt Ltd and Multilingual News Agency Global News Pakistan, Mr Noor has made his benchmark through innovation and cutting edge leadership.

Therefore, Over the past two decades, Mr Asif Noor has represented Pakistan and global forums and made a substantial contribution towards making and shaping Pakistan’s soft image at the international level.

As a result of Mr Asif Noor’s strong leadership and visionary ideas, he and his team have established Pakistan-Shanghai Cooperation Organization Friendship Forum to which he is Founding Secretary-General. Apart from this,

Above all, he is Chief Coordinator for Pakistan-Shanghai Cooperation Organization Business Council. Quite recently, Mr Noor and his young team have to lead a comprehensive program of partnership with the Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South by providing Public Diplomacy solutions and global outreach to the Commission for not only increasing the number of countries as members but also partnering with the Institution for development and scientific projects globally.

Mr Noor has also lead the Groups’ partnership with the Universities, Government and Non-Government organizations to have win-win partnerships at the national and global levels.

However, Mr Asif Noor has recently been given the status of “Good Will Ambassador” of Vehari Chamber of Commerce and Industries, South and Central Punjab, Pakistan.

therefore, Mr Asif is Country Chapter Coordinator Pakistan for Unity in Diversity – World Civil Society, UNAOC.

He was Book Ambassador, National Book Foundation, Government of Pakistan. Mr Asif is activist with an experience in governance, diplomatic relations professional, an author and a dynamic leader with a vision for the future.

Above all, Mr Asif Noor is co-author of several books like “Azerbaijan-Pakistan Relations: Challenges and Opportunities”, “Knowing Brazil” in English and Urdu languages, “Pakistan-Kazakhstan Relations”.

so, In 2019, Mr Asif Noor’s chapter was added in one of the books “The Dragon Awakens” published by a leading Chinese Media Group wherein chapters from Nobel laureates, President and Prime have been published.

To sum up, Mr. Asif is a regular contributor to newspapers and magazines in Pakistan and across the world.


Farhat Asif

Farhat Asif is an Award-Winning Public Diplomat by experience, Human Rights and Peace activist by Choice, Researcher, and writer by Profession with having more than 15 years of work experience in establishing and leading institutions focusing on developing synergies for peace, development, and dialogue.

so, With well-knitted diplomatic engagements in Pakistan and across the globe, Farhat has pioneered Public Diplomacy initiatives in Pakistan through the promotion of culture, education, and business connections amongst the communities from across the globe. Therefore, she lived her entire life in the conflict region of Kashmir, this has affected her work and influenced her to establish the Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies(IPDS) which is an Advocacy, Research and Public Diplomacy institution pioneering the civilian-led Peace and dialogue related higher education institution.

Firstly, The IPDS aims to provide strength to Pakistan’s effective role in Peace and Intellect Silk Road through innovative and cutting-edge research, effective advocacy, dialogues series, education modules, consultancy services, well-built & knitted public diplomacy initiatives and engagements secondly, in the thematic areas of Diplomatic Studies, Peace, Conflict Resolution, Sustainable Development, Public Diplomacy, and Women Peace and Leadership and Diplomatic Studies The foundation stone was laid down by Prof.Johan Galtung-Father of Peace Studies in the world.  Farhat is projecting Pakistan’s peaceful image through IPDS’s premier opinion-based publication The Diplomatic Insight (TDI)-publishing in 2008 with the thematic objective of Peace Through Informed Dialogue. At the IPDS, Farhat has established the “Pakistan-Shanghai Cooperation Organization Friendship Forum”, “Centre for Belt and Road Initiative and China Studies”, “Centre for Central Asia and Eurasian Studies” and “Centre for Women Peace and Leadership”. As a result of her leadership and vision at IPDS, the institution has signed several important agreements of cooperation at the state level with regional research organizations and Universities.

IPDS has partnered with the United Nations Pakistan as well for the promotion of Sustainable Development goals in the country.

Other partner includes NUML, Bahria University, Bahudeen Zakariya University, Multan, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Women Chamber of Commerce and

Industry Lahore, Vehari Chamber of Commerce and Industry apart from others. Recently,

IPDS led by Farhat has signed an agreement of cooperation with the Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS)

– an intergovernmental organization having 28 countries from four continents as a member of the Commission.

However, Farhat and her staff are providing support to the Commission to grow and outreach to the entire developing world to collaborate on the Sustainable Development Goals through Science and Technology.

Farhat Asif is the WINNER of the N-Peace Award 2017 in the category of “Campaign for Action”.

However, This award recognizes the work of a woman and a man whose mobilization in the advancement of women,

peace and security, particularly at the sub-national level.

N-Peace is managed by UNDP’s Bangkok Regional Hub with UNDP Offices across Indonesia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Nepal, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and the Philippines, in partnership with the Institute for Inclusive Security, Washington DC, USA.

Above all, She has also been awarded the Fellowship of Global Change Leaders Program, 2018 at Coady International Institute, St. Francis Xavier University, in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Farhat has done MSc and MPhil from Quaid-I-Azam University and she has a research focus on Public Diplomacy.

however, Apart from this academic and professional background, Farhat is on the boards of several organizations including the Women Regional Network.

She has also been invited by Ambassador Swanee  Hunt at the Institute for Inclusive Security as one of 12 influential Pakistani women leaders to visit the US and meet the influential Congress Men and Women to represent Pakistan wherein she met and presented Pakistan’s Case with the then Secretary of State Ms. Hillary Clinton.

See the story here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/shereen-hall/pakistan-female-leaders_b_1501214.html.
LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/farhat-asif-86567a9/
IPDS Presentation:https://prezi.com/view/jino6AMXeZ1RFCPse6UT/
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/globalwomeninsightfarhatasif
Twitter: @FarhatAkram

Executive Editors

Executive Editor

Laiba Yousafzai

best diplomats of pakistan

Ms Laiba Yousafzai has an M.A Journalism and MA in English Literature & Language from the University of Peshawar.

She has an extensive background in print and electronic media where she worked as Programme Director, producer, scriptwriter and anchor

with different National and International TV Channels

However, including Current Affairs, Parliamentary News, Khost based local TV namely Ghorghst TV, Zuban-e-Khalq and Nan Saba on PTV Channels.

During this period, she continued to produce and directed about 350 programmes,

on various subjects like social issues, literature, political and social discussion.

More significantly, she has presented documentaries on Kalash and Gandhara Civilization in three languages i.e. Urdu, Pushtu and English.

best diplomats of Pakistan

While working for Community Infrastructure Project( CIP) she was engaged in 13 documentaries. However, She has also worked for Radio Pakistan, Radio Mashal, Free Europe, Pushtu Radio “ Buraq”.

she also worked with BBC during Floods in Pakistan as an anchor and editor.

Executive Editor

Muhammad Murtaza Noor

best diplomats of pakistan

Muhammad Murtaza Noor is associated with the development and high education sector for last more than 20 years.

However, He is also National Coordinator Inter-University Consortium for Promotion of Social Sciences Pakistan,

the largest network of Pakistani universities and Country Coordinator Global Academics Leadership Academy Pakistan Chapter.

so, As a columnist and analyst, he contributes regularly to various leading English and Urdu newspapers.

Therefore, In recognition of his untiring efforts aimed at promoting peace, tolerance, harmony at university campuses across Pakistan,

he has been recently awarded Peace Award.

Executive Editor

Dr Amir Hanif

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