Prime Minister met Pakistan’s Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan

Pakistan's Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Sardar Azhar Tariq Khan (L) met Prime Minister Imran Khan (R)

Islamabad, 6 October 2021 (TDI): Prime Minister  Imran Khan met new  Ambassador designate to Kyrgyzstan, Sardar Azhar Tariq Khan. The meeting marked the discussion of existing bilateral relations between Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Ambassador Azhar briefed Prime Minister about existing economic ties with the Central Asian region, especially Kyrgyzstan. Prime Minister directed the Ambassador to explore further avenues of cooperation in areas of trade and commerce.

Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan share cordial diplomatic relations based on mutual respect and solidarity. Pakistan is one of the first countries to recognize Kyrgyzstan in 1991. The two countries established official diplomatic relations on May 10, 1992. Both countries are part of  Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), and Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

The two countries cooperate in diverse sectors including trade, investment, energy, tourism, and people-to-people interactions. Kyrgyz-Pakistan Joint Ministerial Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation was formed in 1994. The purpose of it is to promote trade between the two countries. Currently, Pakistan’s exports to Kyrgyzstan include pharmaceuticals, textiles, food, and agricultural products. Pakistan imports beans, livestock, and tanned leather from Kyrgyzstan.

The two countries are also collaborating on a hydroelectricity project “CASA-1000” (Central Asia-South Asia Electricity Transmission and Trade Program). Under this project, Pakistan will get 1300MW of hydel energy from Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The project is expected to complete in 2023.

The current level of trade between the two countries is low. Under Pakistan’s ‘Vision Central Asia’ policy, the country aims to enhance cooperation with Central Asian states at all levels.


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