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Prime Minister Imran Khan gave interview to CNN


Islamabad, 15 September 2021 (TDI): Becky Anderson, the host of CNN’s program Connect the World conducted an exclusive interview with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan. The subject matter of the interview was Afghanistan. Prime mister made important statements during the interview.
Imran Khan said that the present situation is worrying in Afghanistan. It is on the historic crossroads. He oversaw that if there would be no peace in Afghanistan now then it could lead to the biggest humanitarian crisis, refugee problem, and the reemergence of terrorism from Afghanistan.
Prime Minister in his response to the question regarding the Taliban, said what the future holds for the Taliban and what the Taliban’s strategy is for the future is unpredictable but they would surely want to possess international recognition for them. Thus they must be incentivized towards the right direction for the betterment of Afghans.
He also highlighted the fact that due to instability in Afghanistan, Pakistan had to suffer badly for being an ally of the United States in the war in Afghanistan. The jihadists and Pashtuns turned against Pakistan and its army because when the same group of people were fighting against the Soviet Union before, it was termed as the holy war whereas now they were called terrorists. About forty militant groups were attacking Pakistan. Moreover, there were 480 drone attacks by the United States against its own ally.
In response to what would be the biggest national security concerns of Pakistan if the situation in Afghanistan didn’t improve, Prime Minister said that the refugee influx and terrorism- would be the biggest issues.
In a question concerning women’s rights under the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan, Imran Khan said that no one from outside could get them their rights. Afghan women are strong enough to fight for themselves. He further stated that women should have the ability to fulfill their potential in private and public life as well.
Regarding US-Pakistan relations, he said Pakistan’s relations with the United States during its occupation of Afghanistan were appalling. It was only based on one dimension that is an aid for helping them. Pakistan now desires to develop multidimensional relations with the United States.

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