Tashkent, 28 July 2022 (TDI): The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan arranged a press briefing about the forthcoming session of the meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of SCO countries.

The meeting will be held in the capital of Uzbekistan, on July 28-29, 2022. Following are the question answers from the briefing session.

Question: Please tell us about the results of the meeting of national coordinators of the SSO member states.

National Coordinator of the Republic of Uzbekistan for SSO Affairs Rahmatulla Nurimbetov:

  • The event took place from July 24 to 27 this year in the city. Tashkent in-person format chaired by the Uzbek side, with the participation of national coordinators of all eight SSO member states.

During the 4-day meeting, the draft list of documents submitted for consideration was agreed upon at the meeting of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the SSO Member States, which will be held in the city. Tashkent, July 28-29.

Along with that, national coordinators discussed the content and organizational-protocol issues of the preparation of the Samarkand Summit on September 15-16.

The meeting also discussed issues on the current agenda of the Organization.

The Council of National Coordinators is the SSO body that coordinates and manages the current activities of the Organization. It is within the framework of this mechanism that conducts the necessary preparation of meetings of the Council of Heads of States, the Council of Heads Of Governments (Prime Ministers), and the Council of Foreign Ministers.

Question: Please tell us about the main issues on the agenda of the upcoming meeting of the SMID SHS.

Following the International Conference on Afghanistan, on July 28-29, Tashkent is hosting another important international event – the meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the SSO Member States.

As already noted, all Parties in the upcoming meeting will participate at the level of heads of foreign policy departments.

The ministerial meeting is one of the key events of the current presidency of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the WHO.

The heads of foreign policy departments will discuss the current state and prospects for the development of cooperation in various areas of the Organization, and exchange views on relevant regional and international issues.

One of the important points of the ministerial meeting is the discussion of the prospects for the expansion of the SSO. In particular, they will consider existing applications from more than 10 states that have expressed their intention to obtain the status of full-fledged members, state-member, and a partner in the SSO dialogue.

The main result of the Tashkent meeting of the SMIDs of the WHO will be the approval of the draft documents to be submitted to the Samarkand summit.

This is a solid package of documents covering not only the traditional directions of multi-planned interaction but also the prospects of the SSO field of activities, in particular, in the field of industrial cooperation, intra-regional trade, and transport relations stubbornness.

I would like to emphasize that the upcoming meeting of the SMIDs of the WHO will also serve as a good platform for holding bilateral meetings and “check of the clock” on issues of interest on the regional and international agenda.