Caracas, 6 August 2022 (TDI): Nicolas Maduro, the President of Venezuela met with Geoffrey Onyeama, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Nigeria on Friday. The meeting took place at the Miraflores Palace which is the residence of the Venezuelan President.

Agenda of the meeting

During the meeting, both the representatives discussed bilateral cooperation. They also committed to further strengthening their collaboration.

The Venezuelan President took to Twitter and said “We work for the common development of people. Long live South-South Cooperation!”

This meeting between the officials took place after the installation of a Joint Commission at the Foreign Ministry of Venezuela. The Foreign Ministers of both the states led the commission.

In addition, they reviewed 21 common projects in different areas. These include information and communication, airlines, defense and fight against acts of money laundering, etc.

The main aim behind this meeting of Foreign Ministers was to take cooperation and bilateral relations a step ahead.

Venezuela and Nigeria’s Bilateral Relations

Venezuela established diplomatic relations with Nigeria in 1965. They both are member states of OPEC i.e. Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. Both states focus on further expanding this bilateral agenda. They also intend to establish a cooperation roadmap.

The Joint Commission and this meeting, both deal with various issues of interests of both states. In the Commission, the officials of Nigeria and Venezuela examined different operations in the diplomatic and political fields.

These operations mainly dealt with issues related to agriculture, mining, technology, transportation, etc. Other areas including culture, education, tourism, gas and oil, migration issues, etc. also come under these.

To continue this bilateral cooperation, strengthening political and geostrategic collaboration in such operations is significant.

Both the delegations ended the meeting on the agenda of enhancing these complementary ties. This meeting can be marked as a milestone in the bilateral cooperation between Venezuela and Nigeria.