Tirana, 20 May 2022 (TDI): The President of the European Council, Charles Michel met Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama in Tirana.

In Michel’s remarks after meeting with Prime Minister Rama, he expressed his gratitude and emphasized their firm commitment to Albania’s accession course towards the EU.

He added that it is an extremely important time to meet with a friend or close ally during Russia’s attack on the sovereign nation of Ukraine.

President Michel said that they have imposed five rounds of sanctions without precedence in order to maintain pressure on the Kremlin and severely lower its ability to finance its war.

He referred to the unity between Europe and its allies in that they have stood together in supporting Ukraine from day one. Michel went on further to thank Prime Minister Rama for his country’s powerful support and for being a committed and reliable EU friend & partner.

EU-Albania Relations

In addition, President Michel discussed the bilateral relationship with the Albanian Prime Minister. As a part of the European family, the EU continues to be Albania’s biggest trading partner as well as the biggest provider of financial help.

Michel highlighted that it is more crucial to re-energize the process of enlargement. Furthermore, he said, the challenges of today are forcing them to think beyond traditional models for innovative ways of working and thinking.

For the most part, Michel pointed out that they were working to make tangible benefits available for all Albanians and for all their partners in the region.

Likewise, he indicated accelerating integration at the present moment and not waiting for the accession negotiations to be fully completed.

Moreover, Michel mentioned that they will organize a meeting in Brussels of the 27 EU leaders with Albania and other Western Balkan leaders in June, this year.

Lastly, during the meeting, Michel concluded that Albania has met the entire conditions for opening accession negotiations and that accession talks have to start immediately.

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