Sydney, 25 July 2022 (TDI): The President of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), Alok Sharma, arrived in Sydney, Australia to meet with the ministers of the new Australian government.

The COP26 President was welcomed by Vicki Treadell, British High Commissioner to Australia.

COP26 President’s Meeting

Alok Sharma met with Matt Kean, the Treasurer and Energy Minister of New South Wales (NSW). The two dignitaries discussed the measures to be taken at the state level to reduce emissions.

As a result, the Energy Minister also briefed the President about NSW’s actions to limit global warming to 1.5Β°C pre-industrial levels.

Equally important, he discussed the next steps to accelerate the pace of change whilst growing the economy and creating jobs for the Australian people. In addition, the COP26 President met with business and financial leaders in Sydney.

Furthermore, Alok Sharma also visited the NSW Rural Fire Service (RSF) center. He also spoke to first responders of the climate disaster that occurred in Australia recently.

In light of this, the COP26 President met with Chris Bowen, Minister for Climate Change and Energy. Thus, he welcomed the 43% reduction in the emissions target.

Additionally, both leaders discussed the ways and means to transition to clean energy. Apart from this, the President also had a meeting with the indigenous community of Ngunawal.

UK-Australia relations

The United Kingdom and Australia maintain strong bilateral relations through Australia-UK Ministerial Consultations (AUKMIN). It is the premier bilateral forum on defense and security issues as well as foreign policy.

In addition, they have mutually signed several agreements to enhance cooperation in every sector. In 2013, they signed the Treaty on Defense and Security Cooperation.

Moreover, in August 2018, the two countries signed the Australia-United Kingdom Nuclear Cooperation Agreement. The deal entered into force in January 2021.

In 2021, both the states signed the Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement (Australia-UK FTA) virtually.