Tokyo, 25 May 2022 (TDI): Prime Minister Australia, Anthony Albanese, spoke at the Quad Summit that took place on Tuesday in Tokyo for the fourth time and the second time in person.

Albanese remarked that the Australian government is determined to work with Quad member states and Australia is dedicated to the Quad. The objectives of the current Australian government match with the Quad objective, including combating climate change and strengthening resilience in the Indo-Pacific region through improved economic security, cybersecurity, energy security, health, and environmental security.

Along with that, Australia looks forward to the tasks ahead.

The quad alliance is more important than ever as the Indo-Pacific region is transformed to address the challenges and risks of a less secure world.

Moreover, Australia will acknowledge that climate change poses the greatest economic and security threat to Pacific island nations.

Australia will also establish a new target of reducing emissions by 43% by 2030 under this government, placing us on target to accomplish net zero by 2050.

Lastly, The Quad leaders agreed that the next Leaders’ Meeting would be held in Australia in 2023. Alongside they would keep working intensively together, with frequent meetings between the Representatives and Foreign Ministers.

The 2022 Tokyo Quad Summit 

The Quad or the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue is a group of four nations, India, Japan, the US, and Australia. It is a strategic forum that features semi-regular summits, information exchange, and military drills.

Subjects of discussion at the Summit 

In Tuesday’s summit, the four leaders discussed the impact of the situation in Ukraine on the Indo-Pacific and expressed concerns over the tragic conflict in Ukraine. The four countries affirmed that the principles of rule of law, sovereignty, and territorial integrity must be upheld in any region.

The leaders used the in-person meeting as an opportunity to express their perspectives on regional and global issues; particularly the impact of the Ukraine crisis on the Indo-Pacific. They also confirmed that no unilateral modification of the status quo by force is accepted in any region, including the Indo-Pacific.

According to the four leaders, the Quad is committed to providing practical benefits to the region. Quad member state leaders agreed that strengthening practical collaboration in numerous fields and making the Indo-Pacific region more resilient is critical. As countries in the region face major challenges like COVID-19, climate change, and infrastructure.